800 Interpreters languages tested & trained

110 Languages Speaking

4000 People Helped Yearly

Award Winning

An Award Winning Social Enterprise


We serve and reflect a diverse community and provide accessible support programs that improve lives and instill a strong sense of belonging among our participants.


We are committed to an open and shared learning environment which encourages innovation, creativity, personal and professional growth.


We respect the uniqueness and values of each person and demonstrate a compassionate and culturally-sensitive approach in all our interactions.


We are professional in our service delivery which inspires trust and confidence among our clients and we are committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of our operations.


We act as a team by relying on each other to achieve our common goals through participation, collaboration and cooperation with employees, volunteers and other organizations.

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We Serve Following Sectors

Health Care
Social Services

About Our Company

RivInt was formally known as Riverdale Interpreters, which was established in January 2000, in partnership with the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, and the South Riverdale Community Health Centre. The purpose establishing this service was to advocate quality health care for newcomers through the accessibility of interpretation in the many languages that were spoken by the patients.

RivInt is a social enterprise and encourages the promotion of community based businesses. RivInt presents a unique alternative to conventional, profit-driven corporations in the language service industry. Without exception, all of RivInt’s profits are reinvested into the charitable organization, Elspeth Heyworth Centre for Women (ehcw). The revenue obtained from RivInt is utilized sustainably to help fund current and future programs and services provided by Elspeth Heyworth Centre for Women.

RivInt has profound experience when working with the medical sector. Our primary clients are major hospitals within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Our on-site interpreters work directly with the medical staff and the patients during their time within hospitals. These services to the hospitals can range from a variety of physical, mental, and emotional issues, which our interpreters provide the key link to establishing communication between the medical staff and the patient’s, breaking down the language barriers.

In November 2009, the Canadian Social Enterprise Conference recognized the achievements of RivInt as a top social enterprise in Canada. RivInt received the Social Enterprise Angels Award. RivInt continues to provide par excellence services, and strives to obtain more awards to best represent our services within Ontario and across Canada.

In 2010, RivInt was selected by Social Venture Partnerships Toronto to have a simplified organizational capacity assessment conducted. SVPT is a charity which enables their members to donate their funds, time and expertise to support selected charities. The SVP Organizational Capacity Assessment Tool was developed to be used as a first step in such an involvement process with a new organization. At RivInt the tool was used in a simpler way, by an SVPT volunteer and RivInt staff, to analyze and identify its organizational strengths and areas for development.

EHCW, our managing charity has been providing settlement, employment, and mental health counseling services for 20 years. ehcw continues to strive in providing outstanding social services to the community, and within the GTA. RivInt staff and our interpreters are trained and experienced in working with situations of domestic violence, mind and wellness issues, child abuse, senior abuse, and everyday life situations, with the guidance of ehcw. We understand the sensitivity to these issues, and we uphold the highest forms of confidentially, responsibility, and accuracy when working in these environments.


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